Corporate Values

We have embraced process-driven approaches in order to achieve several advantages. These benefits include strategic, financial, human resource and technical performance improvements through special focus on services that emphasize on increased reliability, flexibility, agility, and transparency in the execution of business processes.

At Immortal Infra, we adopt the following Corporate Values:


Immortal Infra values its stakeholders and fulfils the promises given, thereby contributing to the betterment of their performance.

Professional Excellence

We continuously improve the quality of our operations by developing competencies and creating new ways of operations and service execution.

Timely Production

Immortal Infra enables cost-effective power generation in swifter manner to reduce time delays and deliver output within the stringent time constraints.

Organizational Swiftness

We believe that processes are liberated from the technology for better support of services. Thus, we develop, design and quickly provide comprehensive project execution acumen in all our projects. We emphasize to adopt processes that are built-to-evolve rather than built-to-exist.

Clarity in Processes

We define processes explicitly so as to establish clarity at all levels of service delivery. Thus, we provide visibility, accountability and control in all our operations. This also helps in tracking down issues, resolving bottlenecks and improving the processes on the whole.

Consistency in Execution

We ensure high levels of consistency in service execution to our value chain. Thus, we are destined to support our partners to garner better business performance and enjoy more competitive edge in their markets.

Better Linkages

Our process-driven approach not only brings in clarity in processes but also on end results. This approach illustrates how processes show impact on organizational strategy and its growth. It results in marketplace in driving strategy to be more clear and consistent.

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Immortal Infra Projects India Pvt. Ltd is thought-leader in providing technology based construction, project management, project engineering, infrastructure development, etc.

Immortal Infra, has in-depth experience and competence to plan, coordinate, build, execute and commercialize Power Plants across India.

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