We undertake small, medium and large scale mining assignments. We have rich domain acumen, in-depth know-how and technology knowledge of the mining industry. We conceptualized, designed and developed a detailed service framework to offer effective service in this sector.

Our primary focus in this domain is to accomplish operational efficiency in different mining projects by adopting successful operational framework that emphasizes on:

  • Capacity in the entire production process
  • Effective planning and scheduling for efficient workflow management
  • Inventory control in handling the equipment
  • World-class quality standards in attaining efficiency in production
  • Safety and security at the workplace
  • Overall control in the production process

In India mining industry plays a series of chain role in enhancing the Indian economy by:

  • Producing raw material for various other industries
  • Helping logistics industry to supply these raw material for production in other industries
  • Using coal as raw material for power generation
  • Power generation in turn contributing to production in other sector

Thus, mining play vital role in developing entire value chain in various production oriented industries.

At Immortal Infra, we have the following core competencies in Mining sector:

  • End-to-end expertise in managing all mining related operations
  • In-depth analysis of the industry
  • Micro-level planning to handle the activities and operations in cohesive manner
  • Managing the timelines of the operations effectively
  • Adhering to industry related safety precautions in operations in line with Director General for Mines Safety (DGMS)
  • Maintaining enduring relationships with supplier and vendors for reduce lead time
  • Effective handling of equipments, machinery and related control systems for maximum productivity

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