Water and Waste Water Management

Immortal Infra provides designing and implementation support for water efficiency programs for industrial, commercial and institutional clients in diverse business sectors.

Our team offers innovative domestic, non-domestic and sustainability conservation measures for public housing, multi-family clients and water utilities. We provide our domain expertise to develop water management and treatment facilities on mass scale such as:

  • Toilets, faucets and showers
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Cooling tower controls, sub-metering
  • Swimming pools, filter retrofits
  • Hospital equipment retrofits
  • Process equipment retrofits
  • Laboratory equipment retrofits
  • Vacuum pump / air compressor replacements
  • Irrigation improvements
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Green roofs and rain gardens
  • Meter testing analysis and installation

Water Treatment and Management

We have in-depth domain expertise to establish water treatment plant to recycle and reuse water to reduce the water wastage. We this treated water for avenue plantation and watering the open spaces.

Waste Water Treatment

At Immortal Infra, we develop sewage treatment plants to provide better option for water management. We construct Waste Water Treatment Plants to recycle water from wash areas, industrial waste water and supply it for avenue plantation. These plants are provided with a sump to collect and store water from wash areas.

Water from these sumps is processed in the plants and processed water is stored in separate tanks for further supply to plants. Excess and waste water is automatically flushed out into drainage.

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Immortal Infra, has in-depth experience and competence to plan, coordinate, build, execute and commercialize Power Plants across India.

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